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It should be emphasized that great efforts has been made to apply a huge number of new technologies on the engine manufacturing techniques in the world automobile industry with representation of multiple electro injection, closed loop computer controlled system, turbo-pressure boost system and multi-cylinder, etc..

All those measures have made the engine reaching a new high level but all those techniques relating to the manufacturing aspects would not provide with a further breakthrough of a limitation with 38% in fuel oils utilization rate/level.


Being reminded that by using nano-fuel oils both the efficiency and environment -friendly effect would be greatly improved. Once the device applies to the manufacturing facility with auto -assembly, the fuel efficiency would be raised by 20% and the emission standard of Euro the second would therefore upgrades to Euro the sixth with ease together with no black smoke phenomenon occur during the cold start to loaded driving of a diesel automobile. Such an automobile would definitely be the most fuel-economy, environment- friendly one among the auto manufacturers and be greatly contributable to the world environment protection and energy conservation at a large.


The EPS Nano-fuel oil technology is widely applied to all the fuel oils equipment or machinery, e.g. motors, cars,trucks,great power diesel oil vehicle, construction engines, dynamotor, industry stove, air conditioning, fuel oil kitchen range, etc.


Schematic Drawing of the EPS Product operating principle


Nanotech for Efficient Fuel

After 15 years of efforts, a Chinese company recently unveiled its ESP nanometer

oil burning technique in Beijing. The new technique has been repeatedly proved technically

valid by the Institute of Fluid Dynamics, a part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the

Institute of Nuclear Physics’ Neutron Lab under the Chinese Academy of Nuclear Sciences,

and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. The fuel oil processed by the

ESP system becomes a nano-fuel oil, offering a fuller combustion and greatly improved

energy efficiency.

According to the company, the ESP nanotechnique has obtained patent grants in China and

20 other countries. The Beijing Municipal Science Committee has recently approved the new

technique to be demonstrated in several hundred taxis in Beijing. The new technique can

improve exhaust emissions by 50%-90%, save fuel 20%-30%, and increase power 10%-30%.

In addition, it reduces engine noise, keeps a cleaner combustion chamber, and prolongs

engine’s work life. 

(Source: MOST Newsletter May 10, 2004 )





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